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In love with photographing in the outdoors and viewing different scenes, Katrin's studio is literally everywhere. Her style is unique as it caters to her clients' needs while presenting an additional artistic approach. The goal of her work is to, not only present beautiful portraits, but give the client an opportunity to become the piece of art or story.

It is common to find her outdoors documenting and engaging with her rock climbing and slacklining friends/community. 


Katrin has worked in photography since 2003. 
She holds a Fine Arts degree from Florida State University and continues to perfect her eye and skill on a consistent basis. 

*Member of Professional Photographers of America
*Nikon Professional

Where you will find her:

In 2012 Katrin relocated to the beautiful city of Boulder, CO from Amelia Island, FL. Location aside, she remains a destination photographer and continues to travel where clients prefer.

* Events *Commercial * Boudoir *Seniors *Small Weddings *Family Lifestyle


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